ASOTV Combo EZ Jet Water Cannon X Hose
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Brand Sokano
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Water hose is a hassle to store. You need to coil it up properly and put them in dry shaded place. The longer the hose, the bigger your problem. It tends to tangle up and make your life a living hell. But fret not, EZ Jet Water Cannon is here to make all the problems go away.
Pressure Water Jet Gun
The EZ Jet Water Cannon changes between 8 adjustable spray patterns selected by rotating nozzle heads. It powerfully jet cleans floors, cars, and windows while spray setting is gentle enough for watering plants. What’s great about EZ Jet Water Cannon is that it grows into full-sized hose when in use and shrinks when not in use: it expands up to 3 times its original size with water pressure.
It Cleans
EZ Jet Water Cannon has built-in dispenser chamber for liquid detergents or fertilizers. Not only it shrinks back to original size after water is turned off, it also has accordion design that does not kink, twist, or tangle when in original size.