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SOKANO Engineer Playset

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SOKANO Engineer Playset

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Weight: 6 kg, 800 grams
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Brand: Sokano
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Engineer Playset with Accessories

Develop creativity and explore your little one imagination with the engineer playset

A kid-sized workshop comes with a collection of tools that will make kids feel like they're working on real construction projects. With a wide assortment of screws, and nuts, the workshop provides plenty of ways for kids to interact with the set.


Develops hand-eye coordination and helps to improve fine skills Perfect for little hands

High Quality, durable design easy to assemble makes a great addition to any play area. This helps your child grow up to be a handyman. It comes with a workbench which is what makes this whole tool set so awesome for your child.


This engineer playset comes complete with appropriate accessories such as safety helmet, screwdriver, drill, wrench, saw, hammer, cutter, wood, pliers, screws and more.


Develop great habits for child to learn to help around

Having their own station makes them feel want to help out around the house.You can show your little one so that they can learn how to identify the right tools for the right job, using tools, matching shapes, sizes as well as recognizing tool words and colors.


This is great habits for any child to learn as they are growing up. You can teach them what each tool is made for and the common stuff you would fix for it. They will help you with real stuff when they grow up!


They’re sure to have a ball experimenting with toy tools and taking on their own pretend DIY ventures!