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Product Details Of SOKANO Stroller High Chair Thick Seat Pad Thick Star Print Liner Mat Seat Cushion High Chair Pad Cart Mat Cotton Stroller Accessories Cushion Stroller Mat Baby Stroller Seat Covers Auto Soft Stroller Pad Chair Cushion Pelapik Cotton Tilam

Features & Specifications :

  • Reusable, Universal, Breathable, Washable

  • Type: Baby Stroller Chair Cushion

  • Suitable for most baby strollers, dining chairs, car seats, etc.

  • Made of high-quality cotton, soft and comfortable.

  • Foldable& portable, it can be used at home or taken out and is easy to clean.

  • Dimension : 45cm(W)  x 65cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO BM006 Tuition Bag Student Multi-Pocket Tutorial Bag A4 Document Bag Large Capacity Canvas Portable Bag Cute Cartoon Canvas School Bag

Beautiful and practical bags, packed lunch boxes, umbrellas, and other things are very easy to use, large can be loaded with books, and students used to make up the class bag is also very practical!


Features & Specifications :

  • Perfect tuition bags for kids

  • Zipper Type

  • Variety cartoon design

  • Can insert textbook, A3 size, A4 size, etc..

  • Perfectly fit students' daily necessities(books, pencil box, notebook, bottle, etc.)

  • Dimension : 28.6cm(L) x 12.8cm(W) x 33.5cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO SO026 Transparent Stackable Cosmetics Storage Box Desktop Organizer Dresser Finishing Box Transparent Mask Box Home Dormitory Skincare Shelves

Get Organized. Keeps makeup cosmetic personal care items more convenient.

Features & Specifications :

  • Stackable

  • Can stack multilayer

  • Durable and good quality

  • Space-saving

  • keep your place tidy and clean

  • Suitable for makeup desk, bedroom, living room, bathroom & etc

  • Small Size : 17cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 13cm(H)

  • Large Size : 32cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 13cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO RB003 Foldable Kitchen Trash Dustbin Garbage Basket Rubbish Waste Collection Bin Car Rubbish Bucket Tong Sampah Lipat

Features :

  • CREATIVE DESIGN - With Plastic roll storage space, Completely new and different from the earlier models

  • MODERN DESIGN - Suitable and necessary for modern kitchens. Will keep your sink and countertop organized at all times. Best gift to your friend who loves a neat kitchen.

  • EASY SETUP - Super easy to install on the kitchen cabinet door. Please measure the thickness of the cabinet door before purchasing it. The door thickness should be less than 23mm.

  • EASY USAGE - Folding trash can makes it easy to be used in a kitchen. When you don't use it, you can fold it, and it saves the space in your kitchen.

  • PERFECT SIZE AND CAPACITY AND QUALITY  - High end finishing with high-quality ABS and rubber


Specifications :

  • Foldable Design, Space Saver

  • Best For Home, Office, and In Car

  • No Garbage Stay Over Night

  • Cap Stripe: Barbage Bag Can't Move

  • Open Size: 24cm(L) x 16cm(W) x 26cm(H)

  • Folding Size: 24cm(L) x 6cm(W) x 26cm(H)

  • Hanging On: No Need Bend

  • No more Bend Over, Easy Throw Trash

  • High-Quality PP Material

  • Durable and Strong

  • Material: Plastic  


Product Details Of (100% Cotton) SOKANO BDP001 Baby Diaper Pants Baby Cloth Diapers Washable Waterproof Soft Diaper Pant for Baby Boys Girls Cartoon Bear Design Diaper Adjustable Reusable Nappy    

Features :

  • With good elasticity, it is convenient to wear and take off.

  • Safety, soft, comfortable, breathable, washable, and reusable.

  • Various cute designs.

  • Suitable for both baby boys and girls. Size available:

  • Fabric composition: 100% cotton

  • Different like Diapers, but absorbent than underwear.

  • Washable & reusable.


Size :

  • S : 18*18CM,Suitable for 0-6 months, weight 5-12kg

  • M : 20*20CM,Suitable for 6-12 months, weight 12-18kg

  • L : 22*22CM,Suitable for 1-2 Years Old, weight 18-26kg


*HOW TO USE: Once done with urine, needed to change my training pants.


Product Details Of SOKANO DX001 Door Stopper Magnetic Door Stopper Stainless Steel Invisible Floor Mounted (No Drilling) Magnet Conceal Screw Mount Windproof Block Home Furniture

Features :

  • This door stop set will conveniently hold your door open and protect your walls from damage.

  • A strong magnetic catching force helps hold the door stably. 

  • Mini and compact size concealed door stopper offers elegance to your door.

  • Made of premium stainless steel, it is sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant for long use.

  • Smooth and easy to use with little noise. No more disturbing from slamming doors.

  • Perfect for doors of living room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, office, hotel, and so on.


Specifications :

  • Color: Silver/ Red bronze/Green bronze/Black/Yellow bronze

  • Material: alloy

  • Base Diameter: 58mm

  • The distance between the door and floor should be within 5-15m


Product Details Of SOKANO KD12 Japanese Wooden Plate Rectangular Round Oval Small Wooden Saucer Afternoon Tea Tray Ins Nordic Muji Plate Serving Plate Kitchen and Dining Perkakas Dapur

Specifications :

  • Round 15cm Wood Plate : 15cm x 15cm x 1.4cm

  • Round 20cm Wood Plate : 20cm x 20cm x 1.4cm

  • Square 15cm Wood Plate : 15cm x 15cm x 1.4cm

  • Square 20cm Wood Plate : 20cm x 20cm x 1.6cm

  • Flower 20cm Wood Plate : 20cm x 20cm x 1.4cm

  • Rectangular 25cm Wood Plate : 25cm x 14cm x 1.6cm


Use Cases :

  • Great for picnics, serving desert, use for photo shooting, backpacking getaways and road trips!

  • Small plates are perfect as afternoon tea trays

  • Enjoy the drinks and snacks on the plate, on the weekend afternoon, reading your favourite books!


Features :

  • Sturdy Material, Made of Bamboo Wood or Beechwood. Well-sanded smooth surface, definitely no splinters, no sharp corners, great handhold feeling.

  • Perfect for Serving Desert, Used as a plate, Lap Tray Coffee, Tea Serving Tray,

  • Great for picnics, serving desert, use for photo shooting, backpacking getaways and road trips!

  • 100% NATURAL WOOD. Lightweight and sturdy, Eco-Friendly, All Natural, No Chemicals! Made of Natural bamboo and beech wood.


Must Read!

  • Wash with hand only. DO NOT expose it to direct sunlight or soak the plate in water for a long time, it will damage the wood.

  • The plate is made of wood, every batch might have some difference in colours and appearance. There will be different shades after cutting wood, which comes from the wood's natural colour. 

  • Since there is no paint applied on the food-grade plate, the wooden plate needs to be washed and wiped with a dry cloth every time, making sure that the surface is dry.


Product Details Of SOKANO OR015 Retractable Clothesline (Single Line/Double Line) Telescopic Invisible Clothesline With Stainless Steel Wire Stainless Steel String Japanese Style Retractable Clothesline Clothes Hanger Dryer Hanging Clothes Line Home Indoor

Features & Specifications :

  • ABS casing, space aluminum internal structure, durable wire rope. Easy to use - just extend the cable and hang it on the opposite wall lock to get enough laundry space

  • The clothesline can support a weight of approximately 20 kg and the clothesline can withstand higher weights depending on the situation.

  • Adjustable rope: The clothesline is designed with a 4.2m retractable rope. You can choose the hanging distance freely depending on the number of clothes.

  • Rust prevention: Free telescopic wire rope drying rack. Abrasion-resistant / rust-free / no steel wire.

  • Two installation methods: 1. Punch type installation method [sturdy, no wall requirements] 2. Punch-free type - equipped with nail-free glue installation method [sturdy, no damage to the wall/installation].

  • Punch-free is a new installation method, which is simple and convenient to install, has no trace and a beautiful appearance, does not damage the wall surface, is waterproof and strong, and has strong bearing capacity. After the glue is applied to the wall for 3-5 days, the nail-free glue is completely dry and then used. Waterproof, moisture-proof, and high temperature resistant.

  • Material: ABS + thick steel wire

Note: The punch-free installation method is not suitable for plaster walls, suitable for tile walls.


Product Details Of SOKANO SO025 Big Foldable Storage Box Front Open 2 Doors Stackable Box Free Installation Folding Storage Box Children Baby Toy Storage Cabinet Storage and Organization Kotak Lipat


  • Space saver design.

  • Foldable design.

  • Sturdy and durable construction made of thickened PP material.

  • The container is stackable through an interlocking nesting system no matter open or collapsed.

  • The lidded design keeps stuff away from dust.

  • Ergonomic side-grip handles make heavy lifting a breeze.

  • A multi-functional storage container can store clothes, kids' toys, books, shoes, seasonal items, and more in the home or office. This can make the room look tidier.

  • Multi-color optional is easy to distinguish storage products.


Dimension : 

  • M : 49cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 26cm(H)

  • L : 49cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 30cm(H)

  • XL : 57cm(L) x 35cm(W) x 34cm(H)

  • 2XL : 65cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 38cm(H)


Product Details Of (FREE GARBAGE BAG) SOKANO RB004 Dust Bin Kitchen Waste Bin Wall-Mounted Trash Can Kitchen with Lid Household Trash Can Sliding Cover Toilet Trash can Hanging Type Tong Sampah Gantung Penutup


Features : 

  • Made of high-quality plastic & silicone, sturdy and durable, long service life

  • The trash can be hung on the kitchen door, cabinet door, food room door, or anywhere else to save space

  • Can be widely used in kitchens, dorms, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, offices,s, etc. Perfect for keeping your room clean and tidy

  • Material: plastic & silicone


Dimension :

  • Small : 25cm(L) x 14.5cm(W) x 21.5cm(H)

  • Large : 25cm(L) x 14.5cm(W) x 30cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO KW061 2L Large Capacity Gradient Colour water Bottle Food Grade PP Plastic Big Water Bottle With Straw 网红渐变色水瓶

There is a scale to measure your daily water consumption and remind you to stay hydrated and drink enough water.


Features :

  • Suitable for gymnastics, sports, office, and any outdoor leisure activities.

  • High-temperature resistance can be used for hot and cold water.

  • The flip cover is designed with a safety lock to prevent dust and leakage.

  • Portable appearance and lightweight, this water bottle can be carried when hiking, biking, shopping, working, or school.


Specifications : 

  • Color: Gradient Colour

  • Material: PC+PP

  • Bottle Size : 33cm x 10cm


NOTE: Stickers will be SOLD separately & randomly.


Product Details Of SOKANO MB2005 Baby Diaper Organizer Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Baby Shower Basket Portable Nursery Storage Bin Car Storage Basket for Toys Nursery Room

Features :

  • [Easy-to-Carry]Leather handles enable parents to transfer all necessities from one diaper bag to another one in a second.

  • [Easy-to-Go-Out]Diaper Basket can be hung quickly in the stroller by metal rings on both sides, suitable for different stroller hooks.

  • [Easy-to-Use]The basket can be used as a baby diaper caddy and can be used for a home nursery, stroller organizer, or as a handbag insert bag.


Specifications :

  • 9 external compartments are great for storing baby essentials.

  • Portable PU-Handle lets these things move and sort easier.

  • Parents don't need to go downstairs or to the kitchen if they have all baby's essentials in one second.

  • Especially at night, the organizer helps them much more than can be expected.

  • Material: High-quality Felt & PU Leather Handle

  • Bag Size : 38cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 25cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO UBP-101 Bedsheet Protector for Baby for Kids For Elders Washable Incontinence Bed Pad Reusable Absorbent Wetting Sheet Protector Dry Mat coffee

Feature & Specifications :

  • Strong water absorption, instantly absorbs water.

  • The waterproof layer does not leak water and effectively waterproofs.

  • The fabric is good and will not crease and curl.

  • Washable and machine washable.

  • Color: Brown

  • Material: Cotton, flannel, etc.


Size :

  • 90x150cm/35x59''   (Suitable for Adults)

  • 90x120cm/35x47''   (Suitable for Adults)

  • 80x90cm/31x35''    (Suitable for kids)

  • 60x90cm/24x35''    (Suitable for kids)

  • 45x60cm/18x24''    (Suitable for babies)


Product Details Of SOKANO VCD-023 Baby Swaddle with Hair Band Set Newborn Sleeping Bag Sleepsacks 0-6M

These wraps are made from a soft, stretchy jersey knit fabric. Size fits up to 2 months and varies with each baby.

Specifications : 

  • Gender: Girls & Boys

  • Material: Cotton Blend

  • Clothing Length: Regular

  • Pattern Type: Print

  • Decoration: None

  • Size: 47.5*26.7cm/18.7*10.5"

  • Style: Cute

  • Silhouette: A-Line

  • Occasion: Casual, Daily, Party

  • Both hand wash and machine wash are OK

  • Package include:1PC Baby Swaddle Wrap + 1 Hairband


Product Details Of SOKANO KR069 Premium Stainless Aluminium Alloy Dish Rack Rose Gold Elegant Large Capacity Dish Dryer Rack Kitchen Organizer Rack Kitchen Rack Fork Knife Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack Organizer Rak Pinggan Mangkuk Rak Dapur

Many families wash dishes directly in the cupboard.

It is easy to breed bacteria without evaporation in the bowl.

Then we can use the space of the sink to place a sink drain rack.

Such a design is not only practical but also very convenient for us to pick up chopsticks.

Can make the whole storage space more full.


Features :


  •  The dish rack and drainboard set are made of an excellent aluminum frame that protects them from rusting. 

  • The small dish drying rack has four rubber feet which will prevent slipping and protect your sink and countertop from scratches.


  • The rose gold dish rack is designed with the perfect pitch, to avoid water pooling in the rack. 

  • The adjustable drainage channel swivels 360° which is perfect for directing draining water directly into the sink.


  • The dish drainer is a small size so it will be easy to store 

  • .All parts are removable for easy cleaning and saving space. 


  • Luxury unique rose gold coating, Practical and beautiful,

  • Give your dish dryer rack the touch of luxury and nobility,

  •  fit into the modern environment with your plates and tableware.


Specifications :

  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Design 1 Size : 42cm(L) x 30cm x 14cm(H)

  • Design 2 Size : 42cm(L) x 30cm x 25cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO BM004 Stroller Extended Seat Baby Stroller Child Auxiliary Pedal Fashion Stroller Pedal Adapter Second Child Artifact Child Assisted Scooter Travel Trailer


  • Your baby can sit and stand on it, the seat can be removed.

  • Tough lock to lock the stroller firmly.

  • Strong load-bearing, press-proof, no deformation.

  • Extra-wide anti-slip pedal, widened universal wheel, 360° smoothly.

  • Equipped with a hanging storage bag, you can store it when not in use.



  • Material: PP + PU

  • Size: 46cm(L) x 16cm(W) x 35cm(H)

  • Maximum Load: 25kg

  • Suitable Age: 3-7 Years

  • Color: Black+Blue Wheels

Instructions for Use:

  1. This pedal is not universal for all strollers. This pedal request the stroller rear wheel has a horizontal axis(bar).

  2. The horizontal axis(bar) length is more than 23 cm, and the horizontal axis(bar) height from the ground suggests around 12-17cm. The circumference(the length of the outer diameter) of the horizontal axis cannot exceed 8cm! Otherwise, the pedal buckle will not be locked well!

  3. If the horizontal axis is too high or too low, there will be a slope when the pedal is installed.


Product Details Of SOKANO YSCF233 Bread Sponge (2 Pcs Set) Cleaning Sponge Lovely Toast Sponge Double-sided Sponge Creative Household Japanese Kitchen Accessories

Features :

  • Adorable! Collect at your kitchen 

  • Soft Sponge Design 

  • Foaming easily does not hurt the hand;

  • Perfect for daily life and a good kitchen helper.


Specifications :

  • Category: Cleaning Sponge 

  • Texture of material: Sponge

  • Shape: Bread    

  • Dimension: About 8.5cm(L)*9.5cm(W)*2cm(H)

  • Colour: Yellow

  • Weight: 5g

  • Applicable object: Pot/bowl

  • Function: Cleaning

  • Style: Cute    


Product Details Of (With sticker and Patch Full Set) SOKANO ATM001 House Shape Lock Large Organizer Tabung Duit Storage Boxes Save Money Children Coin Piggy Bank Desktop Decoration Kawaii Gift for Kids Toy for Her Toy for Him

Features :

  • Portable: with a handle, can move your money bank

  • Distinctive modeling, environmental protection, non-toxic. Unique house modeling can be as a money bank and can be used as decorative furnishing articles

  • Gift: pretty interesting, can be used as the child's gift

  • DIY: collocation like stickers, rich children's beginning ability and imagination


Specifications :

  • Item description: Money bank (with keys)

  • Color: Pink & Blue

  • Material: ABS.

  • Size: 17.6cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 16cm(H)

  • Purpose: Jar, Receive coins

  • Packing list: 1 x Money bank


Product Details Of SOKANO ZB-003 Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump Integrated Intelligent Electric Breast Pump Portable Electric Breast Pump Pam Susu Ibu


Features :

  • Made of BPA-Free silicone for better breastfeeding experiences 

  • 2 modes, 9 levels each mode which make this portable breast pump a better choice

  • Stimulate and Massage

  • Digital display with touchscreen and rechargeable

  • Lightweight and portable, compact in design

  • The noise of the motor is controlled under 55dB. It has very soft sounds which will provide a good sleeping environment for your baby and family.


Specifications :

  • Please refer to the picture attached

  • 1000 ma lithium battery, can be pumped up to 5 times on a full charge

  • Breast shield Size: 24mm 

  • Bottle capacity: 5oz ( 150ml ) 

  • Bottle Type: Wide neck 

  • Charging Method: Type C 

  • Screen: Digital display & Touchscreen

  • Charging time: 5.5 hours to fully charge


Contents :

  • 1 x Main engine

  • 1 x breast shield

  • 1 x breast pump body

  • 1 x silicone diaphragm 

  • 1 x duckbill valve

  • 1 x feeder

  • 1 x nipple

  • 1 x charging cable


Product Details Of SOKANO SR-266 Vegetable Chopper and Slicer Vegetable Grater Cutter Vegetable Chopper Kitchen Accessories Perkakas Dapur Pisau Serbaguna

A Food Preparation Tool That Every House Need

Chopping and Slicing have never been easier! This Chopper & Slicer makes you cut all foods very conveniently! 

Features :

  • HAND SAFETY SLICER The innovative design of this product helps protect your fingers away from the cutting blades and making this chopper mandolin slicer the safest choice for a professional cut.
  • THICKNESS CONTROL The slicing dial allows for quick and easy preparation of fruits and vegetable salads or fries without the need for heavy kitchen machines for various types of cut and thickness. 
  • EASY STORAGE The collapsible design fits into a standard kitchen drawer, making it versatile and easy to store. It folds up nicely and flat, taking up very little space in the drawer.
  • SAFE CLEANING The mandoline slicer is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with a brush and running water. You can also rinse with warm water and soap. Never clean or dry with a sponge or a towel.


Specifications :

  • Material: Plastic, PP, Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
  • Color: Blue, Grey
  • The thinnest is 0.5mm and the thickest is about 8mm.

Product Details Of SOKANO OR016 Movable Refrigerator Washing Machine Base Base Bracket Mount Movable Adjustable Telescopic Stainless Steel Refrigerator Stand Base Trolley


  • There are wheels on the bottom to save energy—brake, ensuring stability when no movement is required. Lift the brakes, move the weight, press the brakes, and lock it. 

  • Made of high-quality material, it is durable and rugged for a long time using. Placed on the bottom of the washing machine and refrigerator, waterproof and moisture-proof, improve the service life of the appliance. 

  • Noise reduction and Anti-Vibration: This movable base is easy to assemble. it is equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads, which can prevent slippage, stabilize the washer, reduce the noise, and prevent vibration during the washing and spinning process.


Specifications :

  • Color: Black / Silver

  • Material: Iron Metal

  • Weight Capacity: 300kg

  • Applications: Washing Machine Movable Base, Refrigerator Stand Bracket, Movable Trolley Mount Racks, Home Improvement Hardware


Package Included:

  • A pair of base

  • 2pcs Non-slip rubber


Product Details Of SOKANO FR07 Seasoning Bottle 0.5 Gram Quantity Control Seasoning Bottle Salt Bottle Sugar Bottle Spice seasoning Dispenser Kitchen Storage Botol Pengocok Garam Rempah


  • This is a premium measure salt shaker and pepper dispenser.

  • Press to quantify the amount of salt, each press release 0.5g of salt, control the amount of salt simply and quickly and make food easier to cook.

  • The salt dispenser is high-quality glass to keep your spices stay fresh, with modern PP Plastic +ABS lids for a refreshing premium design and doesn't rust.

  • The round design allows for an easy and comfortable grip, small and exquisite. The transparent glass bottle body can monitor the remaining stock at any time for easy replenishment.

  • Large-caliber bottle mouth, easy to pour without tools, large capacity, up to 100ml, about 216g salt. Suitable for salt, pepper, sugar, cumin powder, chili powder, etc.



  • Material: PP/ABS/Glass

  • Size : 5.6cm(L) x 10.3cm(H)

  • Color: Blue/Beige/Green


Product Details Of Tefal (ZE420) Juicer Frutelia Metal 950ml 2 Speed 400W (Juicer/ Juice Blender)

Features & Specifications : 

  • Power 400W

  • The large feeding tube of 60mm to fit large pieces of fruits

  • Stainless steel body and filter

  • 950ml pulp container

  • 2 speed & pulse function

  • No splash with a drip-stop system

  • Non-slip feet to stay firmly on the countertop


Product Details Of Tefal (QB1108) Oh My Cake Mixer (mixer machine)

Features & Specifications :

  • Baking Made Easy

  • Homogeneous Results– Satellite mixing movement, whisks & bowl rotate simultaneously

  • Effortless Use – 4.0L Stainless Steel bowl

  • Wide Range – 5 Adjustable speeds

  • Comes with 2 whisks & 2 dough hooks

  • Ultra-Compact – Small footprint of a single A4 size paper


Product Details Of Tefal (HB551) HB551165 - Tefal Mix Dailychef 600W Hand Blender Mess Free Powerlix Blades Ergonomic Pengisar Tangan

The Tefal Dailychef Hand Blender ensures perfect everyday performance, with a variety of convenient features for an immersion blender that delivers day after day. Exclusive Powelix blades ensure a high degree of durability and 30% faster results*. Mastering new recipes have never been easier, for delicious homemade soups, purees, salsa, pesto, and so much more. The easy-to-use dual-speed setting covers any texture or consistency, with a dependable 600W motor for optimum mixing in no time. Discover the perfect immersion blender package, with an anti-splash foot to keep your kitchen mess-free, removable dishwasher-safe parts, and an 800ml beaker to unlock your full culinary creativity.

Specifications :

  • 600W Power

  • 2 Speed Settings

  • Stainless Steel Foot Material

  • Removable Foot- Beaker

  • 800ml Beaker Capacity

  • Ergonomic Handle- Dishwasher safe

  • Colour: White


Product Details Of Tefal (BL2B4165) 1.5L BLENDER UNO 2ACC 1SP 450W WITH 2 ACCESS

Enhance your blending experience Tefal Blender makes blending fast and easy!

This convenient blender combines the best in durable blending performance—from ice crush technology that turns ice to snow in less than a minute to expert manufacturing and highly durable blades.


Features :

  • With the Tefal Blender, enjoy fast and easy blending.

  • This convenient blender features ice crush technology that turns ice to snow in under a minute flat, for delicious frozen drinks in no time.

  • Combining five pillars of strength under the Duraforce Label, it offers outstanding blending performance day in and day out.

  • Customized blending results are a breeze as well, via an ergonomic button with 1 speed and a pulse function. All of this is a powerful, practical design with a generously sized blending jar and integrated cup for safe and precise dosing.

  • And because Tefal is part of Groupe SEB—experts in blenders—you can rest assured that you've made the trusted choice.


Specifications :

  • 450W Power

  • 1 Speed + pulse

  • 4 nonremovable 'Zelkrom' stainless steel blades provide robustness in the long run

  • Double Air Ventilating for a long-lasting experience and up to 3 min of continuous blending

  • Ice Crush function - Plastic Jar Material- 1.5L Jar Capacity (1.25L Useful Capacity)

  • 2 suction feet to provide maximum stability while blending- Ergonomic push-button- Dishwasher safe


Product Details Of Tefal (TT6408) Smart N' Light Toaster Pembakar Roti

Features & Specifications :

  • Light on your morning at the touch of a button and save your favorite toasting result

  • Integrated Digital interface, the light automatically on at the touch of a button

  • Easy to use buttons :

  • The countdown timer provides precision control of the browning

  • Stop function, immediately cancel the toasting cycle

  • Reheat function, to heat previously toasted bread in 30 sec

  • Defrost function to toast frozen bread

  • Variable width slot for automatic bread centering

  • High-lift lever for easy toast removal

  • Easy to remove crumb tray for convenient clean-up

  • Power: 1800W

  • Dimension: (D x W x H): 310 x 182 x 196 (MM)

  • Weight: 1.9kg


Product Details Of Tefal (VC2048) Ultracompact Steamer (BPA Free) Food Steamer/ Pengukus Elektrik

Features & Specifications :

  • BPA bowls for total peace of mind

  • Healthy cooking: a gentle cooking method that maintains full vitamins, flavor, and nutritional value

  • Large 9L capacity with 3-bowl multi-tier system

  • Auto shut-off 60-minute timer with indicator light during heating

  • Viewable water level and refill water while steaming

  • 6 spots in each bowl to cook eggs

  • Patented stackable design for ultra-compact storage

  • Power : 800W

  • Product Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm): 252x456x322


Product Details Of Tefal (RK8608) Healthy & Tasty IH Rice Cooker 1.0L (5 cups) Periuk Nasi

Features & Specifications :

  • Healthy white rice with no compromise on taste

  • Thanks to its unique 2-step cooking process and a "Healthy Rice" basket designed to isolate starch during the cooking process, the Healthy & Tasty rice cooker by Tefal offers healthy white rice with no compromise on taste. Enjoy total versatility and optimal results with this convenient, compact rice cooker!

  • induction heating technology

  • spherical cooking pot

  • compact design perfect for small families and small spaces.

  • capacity: 5 cups (1.0 Litre)

  • Versatile cooking programs: Healthy rice, brown rice, multigrain rice, multigrain congee, quick-cooking, congee, porridge, soup, steam, reheat

  • delayed-start and automatic keep-warm functions

  • A Digital glass panel with touch control buttons

  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts for fast, easy clean-up


Product Details Of Tefal (RK7621) Rice Xpress IH Rice Cooker 1.5L (8 cups) Periuk Nasi

Innovative Xpress Cook Technology accelerates cooking time up to 2X faster* thanks to air injection allows continuous boiling during the whole cooking process

Features & Specifications :

  • Induction heating technology makes minute adjustments to both the time and the temperature

  • Spherical Pot with double 62°

  • Optimal heat circulation: Spherical pot for delicious recipes

  • Durable & resistant spherical pot thanks to the 3 mm thickness and 6 layers and a metallic body.

  • Versatile: 12 cooking programs with 9 Xpress programs and 3 normal programs

  • Capacity with 8 cups/ 1.5L

  • Automatic keep warm up to 12 hours

  • Delayed start-up to 24Hrs for planning the cooking process at anytime

  • Top-side touch control panel with large, easy to read screen

  • Dishwasher safe for removable parts

  • Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon, steam basket,

  • Product Dimension (DxWxH): 408 x 336 x 294 (MM)

  • Weight: 7kg


Product Details Of Tefal (RK808) Delirice Pro IH Rice Cooker 1.5L (8 cups) Rice Cooker/Periuk Nasi

Features & Specifications :

  • Capacity: 8 cups/ 1.5 L

  • 1200 W

  • 16 cooking programs

  • Inner pot: 3mm 5 layers with ceramic coating ( bottom & upper layer )

  • Spherical Pot

  • LED control panel

  • Artificial Intelligence Induction Heating

  • Preset up to 24 hours

  • Automatic keep warm

  • Cooking progress indicator

  • Preset Timer

  • Micro pressure valve

  • Upper lid: Aluminum detachable upper lid

  • Accessories: steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack, measuring cup


Product Details Of Tefal (RK5221) Rice Xpress Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 1.5L (8 cups) Periuk Nasi

Features & Specifications :

  • Innovative Xpress Cook Technology accelerates cooking time up to 2X faster* thanks to air injection allows continuous boiling during the whole cooking process

  • Perfect taste: Spherical Pot with double 62°

  • Optimal heat circulation: Spherical pot for delicious recipes

  • Durable & resistant spherical pot thanks to the 2 mm thickness and 4 layers of non-stick coating

  • Versatile: 12 cooking programs with 9 Xpress programs and 3 normal programs

  • Capacity with 8 cups/1.5L

  • Automatic keep warm up to 12 hours

  • Delayed start-up to 24Hrs for planning the cooking process at anytime

  • Top-side touch control panel with large, easy to read screen

  • Dishwasher safe for removable parts

  • Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon, steam basket.


Product Details Of Tefal (RK7521) Delirice Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 1.8L (10 Cups) Rice Cooker/ Periuk Nasi

Features & Specifications :

  • Capacity: 10 cups/ 1.8 L

  • 10 cooking programs: white rice, jasmine rice, congee, soup, slow cooking, clay pot, steam, reheat, quick-cooking, keep warm (12hrs)

  • Inner pot: 2mm 6 layers with ceramic coating ( bottom & upper layer )

  • Spherical Pot

  • LED control panel

  • Artificial Intelligence to adjust cooking time and temperature automatically for optimum results

  • Preset up to 24 hours

  • Automatic keep warm (12 hrs)

  • Cooking progress indicator

  • Preset Timer up to 24 hrs

  • Micro pressure valve

  • Upper lid: Aluminum detachable upper lid

  • Accessories: steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack, measuring cup


Product Details Of Tefal (FW2018) Easy Fry Steam & Grill (FW2018) (air fryer)

Features & Specifications :

  • Extra Crisp Technology -the perfect balance of temperature control and hot air flow combine for crispy, golden results with little to no added oil

  • Capacity: XXL 6.5L. Cater up to 8 people

  • Water tank capacity: 1.1L for 85minutes of autonomy

  • 3 cooking modes: steam, fry, and grill

  • Steam: preserve the original taste and nutrients from your ingredients

  • Air Fry: get crispy tasty recipes with 99% less added fat

  • Grill: get your steak grilled and juicy

  • 7 Cooking programs - 5 classics (Fries, Nuggets, Chicken, Vegetables, Dessert) and 2 smart programs automatically combined for you (Fish, Roasted Meat)

  • Adjustable temperature: High precision temperature 80°C to 200°C for perfect results every time

  • 60min timer auto shut off with auto ring bell

  • Die-cast grill grid included –seared and juicy at perfection

  • Combine Air Fry + Steam for crispy outside, tender inside

  • No, preheat needed. 50% faster than a classical oven

  • Recipes available online & QR codes on the product


Product Details Of Tefal (EY5018) Easy Fry & Grill Mechanical (BLK) (air fryer)

Features & Specifications :

  • Extra crisp technology: offer the perfect balance of temperature and hot air flow for crispy, golden results with little to no added oil*

  • XL Capacity: 4.2L up to 6 person

  • 8 automatic programs: Fries, Nuggets, Chicken, Pizza, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Dessert

  • Faster than classic oven: cooks nearly 2x faster* than a classic oven while consuming less energy

  • Perfect grilling: with die-cast grid grill plate

  • Adjustable temperature control from 80°C to 200°C promises perfect results every time, whatever the recipe!

  • Timer: Up to 60min, no pre-heat

  • Digital control

  • With auto ready bell

  • Online recipe book: QR code on the packaging to download


Product Details Of Tefal (EY4018) Easy Fry Precision Digital 4.2L (Air Fryer)

Features & Specifications :

  • Use little to no oil to fry, grill, roast, and bake all your favorite meals

  • Easy to clean with non-stick interior coating and removable grid

  • Patented basket to capture oil from the bottom for healthier recipes

  • The high precision temperature of 80 - 200 degrees Celcius

  • 8 preset menus: fries, cutlet, shrimp, cake, pizza, fish, grill, roast

  • The large digital touch screen panel

  • 60 min Digital Timer with auto-off and an auto-ring bell

  • On/Off switch

  • Food capacity 1.2 KG (6 portions)

  • Full capacity 4.2L

  • 3D Air pulse technology

  • Product Dimension 338 x 278 x 333 mm

  • Product weight 4.2 KG

  • Dishwasher safe for removable parts


Product Details Of Tefal (TG3918) Plancha Ultra Compact Successor Black Table Top Barbeque Grill BBQ electric grill/ pemanggang elektrik

Specifications :

  • 2000W

  • Slim and streamlined design

  • Cooking surface: 1200cm2

  • Adjustable temperature with a thermostat

  • Dishwasher safe: removable juice tray

  • Die-Cast aluminum plates

  • 2/3 grill 1/3 Plancha

  • Non-stick coating


Features :

  • Removable grill plates drain grease for healthy cooking; integrated drip tray.

  • It features an adjustable thermostat as well as an adjustable hinge for cooking foods of varying thicknesses.

  • This grill even has a dishwasher-safe scraping tool for easy cleanup. The Tefal Griller has an integrated drip tray to collect grease and is simple to store.

  • Add convenience and functionality to your stovetop with the Tefal TG3918 Griller.


Product Details Of Tefal (KO8508) Smart N' Light Kettle 1.7L (kettle electric/ cerek elektrik)

Features & Specifications :

  • Light on your world at the touch of a button – and control the temperature of your tea

  • The digital screen on the body with live water temperature inside

  • Indicator of the temperature selected

  • Up to 5 temperatures available 40°C / 70°C / 80°C / 90°C / 100°C

  • Keep Warm 30min

  • One direct boiling button 100°C

  • Double layer kettle with cold outside plastic and full stainless steel inside (safe to touch)

  • Seamless heating element

  • Automatic switch off when water reaches the right T°C

  • 1.7L water capacity

  • Assisted lid Opening

  • Max water level inside

  • Cordless kettle with 360°rotational base and Strix quality connector

  • Power: 1800W


Product Details Of Tefal (KO2608) Safe Tea Kettle Black 1.7L (kettle electric/ cerek elektrik)

Features & Specifications :

  • 1.7L water capacity

  • 1800 - 2150W

  • Heat barrier to better protect your hands

  • Stainless steel interior

  • Double-layer insulation

  • Assisted in the opening lid for easier filling and cleaning

  • Pilot light with automatic switch-off

  • 360° rotational base


Product Details Of Tefal (L6509472) Ingenio Expertise 3-PC Set (SET: SCP18,WP26, Handle)

Features & Specifications : 

  • Versatile Cooking Function: From the hob, into the oven, to the table, into the fridge, to the dishwasher, Optimum storage.

  • Unique new design Thermo-Spot® heat indicator indicates ideal start temperature for best flavors

  • Titanium Pro coating is reinforced with a mineral layer and a new topcoat reinforced with titanium particles to enhance durability.

  • Thanks to Ingenio and its 100% safe removable handle, you can switch from one pan to another in a single click.

  • Induction base, compatible with all cooktops


Set Included :

  • Saucepan 18cm

  • Wok pan 26cm

  • Ingenio Handle


Product Details Of Tefal (L6759522) Ingenio Resources 5-PC Set ( SET: FP26+WP26+SCP16+Glass Lid 16cm + Handle)

Features & Specifications :

  • Unique new design Thermo-Spot® heat indicator indicates ideal start temperature for the best flavors

  • Titanium Pro coating is reinforced with a mineral layer and a new topcoat reinforced with titanium particles to enhance durability.

  • Thanks to Ingenio and its 100% safe removable handle, you can switch from one pan to another in a single click.

  • Induction base, compatible with all cooktops

  • Versatile Cooking Function: From the hob, into the oven, to the table, into the fridge, to the dishwasher, Optimum storage.


Product Details Of SOKANO SO024 Collapsible Transparent Plastic Storage Box Front Open Door Wardrobe Cloth Organizer Removable Storage Bins with Lids Folding Plastic Stackable Organizer with Handle Baskets Kotak Plastik Lutsinar Boleh Lipat Buka Depan


  • The transparent body allows you to view the content easily.

  • The container also comes with a wheel which helps in moving the box easily.

  • Space saver design.

  • Foldable design. 

  • Sturdy and durable construction made of thickened PP material.

  • Strong load-bearing which can easily load 110pounds/ 50KG.

  • The container is stackable through an interlocking nesting system no matter open or collapsed.

  • The lidded design keeps stuff away from dust. 

  • Ergonomic side-grip handles make heavy lifting a breeze.

  • A multi-functional storage container can store clothes, kids' toys, books, shoes, seasonal items, and more in the home or office. This can make the room look tidier.

  • Multi-color optional is easy to distinguish storage products.


Dimension : 

  • M : 32cm(L) x 22cm(W) x 20cm(H)

  • L : 40cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 25cm(H)

  • XL: 50cm(L) x 36cm(W) x 25cm(H)

  • 2XL: 50cm(L) x 36cm(W) x 30cm(H)

  • 3XL: 60cm(L) x 43cm(W) x 30cm(H)

  • 4XL: 60cm(L) x 43cm(W) x 35cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO BM003 Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Kids Safe Smart Door Lock Security Electronic Door Lock Fingerprint Door Lock Thumbprint Lock 30 Fingerprints Storage

Features & Specifications :

  • Can set 30 Fingerprint ( 3 admin, 27 Normal User )

  • 4 x AAA battery ( not included in the package ) recommend use branded battery estimate can use up to 6 months 

  • Finger Print To unlock

  • Standard size for all room doors

  • Able to unlock by mechanical key

  • Emergency USB charging port

  • Simple installation via the existing door, no drilling or wiring.

  • Adjustable - suitable for left and right opening door

  • Unique biological red light recognition technology for fingerprint accuracy

  • Setting - All-time Open mode / After 5s auto-lock mode

  • Safe And Reliable: Fingerprint recognition lock, convenient fingerprint settings, safe and secure. 

  • With Keys: Each fingerprint lock is equipped with 2 mechanical keys, which will enable you to unlock in the traditional method. 

  • Material: Made of zinc alloy material, durable and sturdy to use. 

Door suitable install please refer to the picture listing also if not understand please ask to us. 

  • Lock distance 60mm-70mm

  • Door Thickness 30mm-65mm

  • Lock Hole Diameter 54mm - 65mm

  • To insert the cylinder size 23mm


Product Details Of SOKANO FC013 Stainless Steel Kids Tableware Divided Plate, Japanese Style Stainless Steel Creative Cartoon Divided Plate, Baby and Children Tableware Plate, BPA-Free, Safe, Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Baby Learn Eating

Features :

  • Stainless Steel construction, unbreakable, the bowls are very sturdy and will last forever.

  • The double-walled construction provides insulation to maintain proper food temperature - hot or cold.

  • Very beautiful colors, experience aristocratic enjoyment, or as a home kitchen decor

  • The brushed stainless steel finish help conceals fingerprints.

  • Perfect for everyday usage, the serving metal bowls feature a Matte Finish Interior and Exterior to hide the wear and tear and scratches.

  • Wide Application! These insulated bowls are perfect for snacks, cereal, soup, stew, ice cream, and many other things.


Specification :

  • Pattern : Cartoon

  • Material : Stainless Steel

  • Panda Plate Size : 22cm(L) x 19cm(W) x 4cm(H)

  • Monkey Plate Size : 25cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 4cm(H)

  • Bus Plate Size : 27.5cm(L) x 18.5(W) x 4cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO FC012 Baby Kids Water Bottle with Cover Straw Handle Cute Water Bottle 280ML Large Capacity Milk Cup Water Cup With Cover and Straw For Kids Green/Blue/Pink/Beige

Features & Specifications :

  • Wide mouth design, easy to pour and clean.

  • 280ml built-in scale is convenient for brewing and a comfortable experience.

  • Tough and drop-resistant, the wheat straw is integrated into the cup body, which is durable and hygienic.

  • A cup is dual-use, intimate, and anti-overflow, you can insert a straw to drink water, or open the lid to drink water.

  • It can be heated in a microwave oven. The lid needs to be removed when heating. It is recommended to be about 1 minute for a long time.

  • Cups Dimension : 8cm(L) x 8cm(W) x 7.8cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO HL060 Food Grade Silicone Baby Feeding 5Pcs Set Baby Feeding Utensils Food Grade Silicone Bowl, Bib, Sippy Cup, Spoon & Fork Toddler Self-feeding Tools Bayi

Features :

  • PERFECT FIRST BOWL SET: Baby Bowl Set is the perfect first bowl set for babies and toddlers just starting to eat solid foods. Our improved bottom suction ensures a strong suction to any flat surface at home or on the go! As parents, we know the importance of spending more time with our babies and less time cleaning and we are sure that this set does just that. 

  • FOOD AND BABY SAFE MATERIAL: Our main concern is the health and safety of our babies. Our top-of-the-line Silicone Suction Baby Bowls are made of premium quality, 100% safe silicone (FDA approved, BPA free, Lead-free, and Phthalate free). Our silicone suction bowls are stronger than most competitors, stick to most completely flat surfaces! Our baby bowls are heat resistant meaning you can toss these in the dishwasher for cleaning

  • QUICK SUCTION AND RELEASE- To suction to any flat surface, simply press down on the side handles of the bowl and you’re golden! For improved suction, dampen the base of the suction cup and press down in the same way. For release, simply lift the convenient tab at the base of the suction bowl and the bowl will be free from the suction. 


Specifications :

  • Material:FDA approved 100% Food Grade Silicone,BPA Free,No Phthalates,No Lead,No PVC

  • 5PCS/SET(1 x Bib,1 x Spoon,1 x Fork,1 x Bowl,1 x Cup)


Product Details Of SOKANO BM001 Kids Sleeping Bag Newborn Baby Hooded Wrap Sleeping Bag Fleece Teddy Bear Soft Swaddle Blacket Kain Bedung

Features & Specifications :

  • Quilt fabric: Faux Cashmere 

  • Ingredients and content: 100 bedding breakdown: sleeping bag/kick-proof quilt

  • Filling: hollow cotton

  • Dimension : 65cm(L) x 55cm(H) 

  • Suitable for 0-3 months

  • Weight : 170g


Product Details Of SOKANO HK001 Full Set Hammock Stand Outdoor Camping Rainbow Hammocks Swing Anti-Rollover Hanging Bed Chair Buaian Gantung


  • Heavy Duty: Made of powder-coated steel frame, durable and offer a high weight capacity of 90kg. Rubber feet at four corners stabilize and minimize any scratching, making the stand perfect great for your home or outdoor.

  • Relaxation: Smooth ball bearing makes sure all rocking movements are flawless and noiseless, best fit your activities: reading, watching a movie or simply napping.

  • 3 Adjustable Level: With the unique design of the steel stand, there are three knobs to adjust the height of the hammock according to different needs.

  • Easily to Assembly: The hammock stand is easy to set up within a few minutes, no need to worry about no trees around, perfect for indoors and outdoor.

  • Anti-Rollover Design: Hammock can be detached from hammock stand to hang on trees. The curved-bar design will help you to keep balance and prevent flipping over, more stable and safer while using. 



  • Colour: Red, blue 

  • Material: Canvas cotton fabric, powder-coated steel frame

  • Applicable: Outdoor, camping, traveling, picnic, beach, backyards, garden, hostel, home, living room and etc.


Product Details Of SOKANO SF022 Sofa (5 Level Adjustable Slope) Lazy Chair Sofa Chair Office Chair Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest Modern Style Comfortable E-Sports Sofa Chair Single Kualiti Tinggi Sofa

It is designed to double your sitting comfort where you can fold down the chair backrest which can relax your body, and leg muscles and release your tiredness. It is ideal for you to save space and feels great on the hand and is easy to clean.

Features & Specifications :

  • Comfortable

  • Solid wood sofa leg

  • Washable cotton linen fabric

  • 5 level adjustable sofa back

  • Come together with a footstool

  • Side pocket storage

  • Material: Solid Wood Chair Leg & Cotton Linen Fabric

  • Sofa Dimension : 70cm(L) x 54cm(W) x 100cm(H)

  • Stool Dimension : 50cm(L) x 41cm(W) x 58cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO SF021 Luxury Shoe Changing Stool Household Doorway Shoe Cabinet Stool Integrated Shoe Wearing Stool Bed End Bench Cloakroom Sofa Stool Sofa Tukar Kasut Perabot

Features & Specifications :

  • Stand Up to 120KG

  • Eco-friendly Fabric Surface, Save for Children

  • Foldable Design, Space Saver When Not Use

  • Function: Storage, Seating, Standing

  • For Living Room, Bedroom, Shoe Change Sitting, Feet Rest- Sturdy, Practical Ottoman Storage Stool Box

  • Twill Linen with Padded Seat

  • Can be used as an extra seat around the home


Dimension : 

  • 80cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 40cm(H)

  • 100cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 40cm(H)

  • 120cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 40cm(H)

  • 150cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 40cm(H)