Ovulation And Pregnancy Test Strip (35 LH + 10 HCG)
Price RM20.00
Product SKU STN0752
Brand Sokano

Production Description:

OVULATION TRACKER - Our ovulation and pregnancy test kit detects woman fertile days in a professional and economical way.
OPTIMAL SENSITIVITY - Results can be detected within 5-10 minutes when levels of HCG or LH reach 25 m IU/ml. Our ovulation and pregnancy test kit have reached FDA standard, is optimal, sensitive, quick and 99% accurate.
EASY TO USE - You only need to dip the test strips into the urine for several seconds, lay flat then wait to read the result. Two instruction manuals included will clearly guide you step by step.
VALUE FOR MONEY - Get 12 Ovulation Test Strips(LH) and 3 Pregnancy Test Strips (HCG) in a great price! Don't spend a lot on plastic cases or mid-stream tests.

Packaging Weight : 0.1 KG
Diemsnion : 5.5 CM X 0.1 CM X 11.5 CM
Packaging Dimension : 18 cm X 4 cm X 22 cm